Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 November 2011

I hope that Nate received my letter letting him know that I wouldn't be able to visit. The letter I got from him this week (mailed before he could have received my letter) stated how much he was looking forward to my visit.  I had especially wanted to visit this weekend because it will be a tough week for Nate emotionally. Tuesday is the 6th anniversary of his friend Jeremy's KIA date. (We recently passed the 6-yr. mark for Bubb & Hildebrandt, as well.) This is the event that set off our journey into the realm of Post Traumatic Stress with Nathan 4 years ago. With the holidays coming, please continue to pray for his emotional stability. I was hoping that by visiting him this weekend I could give him some encouragement to get him through the next few weeks. But as I continue to be reminded, God is Most High. He is over all.  Tonight I was also reminded that God is Jehovah Shama -- "God is there." (Ezekiel 48:35). Even though I could not be there with Nathan this weekend, God is there every hour of every day.

We did receive some good news this week. Nate had just sent a letter to the college to drop his classes since it didn't look like he would be allowed to finish them this semester...when he got word that they would be bringing him his midterms and he would be allowed to finish his courses. I sent a quick FAX to the college the next day after receiving his letter, so hopefully he will be able to resume his courses without any more drama.

As your family commemorates Veterans Day this week, remember the sacrifices that have been made by all of our veterans on your behalf. Never forget that freedom is not free.



Elizabeth said...

Charilyn, thank you for keeping us updated. Count on prayers. They won't stop.... and tomorrow we remember all who have served and ask God to bless them and their families.....every single one...

Christie said...

Charilyn, my heart goes out to Nate, you & your family. I'm sending prayers yalls way & I'll keep them coming! I watched Wartorn today, Nate's story has truly touched me! Thank you so much for sharing updates!

~Christie Anderson